taxreasons replied to your photo “i love you”

i was going to go anatomical fish heart but they weren’t as cute and kind of look like anuses

aaand now you’ve got me googling anus-like fish hearts

i love you

Anonymous: He tweeted saying he filmed a scene? I mean he usually tells us when he's filmed more scenes, like Some Girls. But you never know. :) I wonder if he'll be fighting in this one again?

yeah, you’re right - i wonder what it’s gonna be like, too.

Anonymous: chris is going to be on Cuckoo next Thursday (11th) :) though he's got quite a small character.

thanks for telling me! 

Anonymous: hi where's the video you made a gifset from? it has 4 gifs, chris wearing a white shirt with lines, also do I saw this gif he's leaning on the glass window and saying "stay inside it's gonna rain you fools!" :)


honestly I don’t really post chris anymore because he’s disappeared off the face of the planet but I’m sure idontlactateanymore could help you I only make gifs of him when I see a new video in the tag but I usually never remember the names or where they’re from I am so sorry for the inconvenience 

this is the “it’s gonna rain” video, and the white shirt one you’re looking for might be this video? (:

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Chris in The Chaos (1/5)

41 accents | Crabstickz

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